About the Artist

Hi there. I'm Tasha. 
I make jewellery
that looks like poetry.

I’ve loved jewellery all my life. As a small child, secretly playing with my mother’s beautiful heirlooms contained within a golden drawstring bag filled me with a sense of hushed anticipation and awe. 

I grew up in Nova Scotia, surrounded by the woods behind my house and the ocean in front. I was in the ideal place to make nature my playground, and befriended both the fairies and the forest creatures within. This sense of life as a magical, enchanted realm has never left me, and inspires the jewellery I make.

I trained as a traditional silversmith at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, and my wire weaving is self-taught. After moving about Canada for a bit, I have settled in Cape Breton, where I am Artist in Residence at Customs House, a gallery/studio space in beautiful Cape Breton. 

My life is very simple one. I run my jewellery business and spend most of my free time walking with my dog amongst the trees and along the ocean of this wild, ethereal world I am so lucky to live in.